Dear customers, dear partners,

We asked you to save the date for this autumn so we could tell you about the implementation of our new tool: PACKFLOW.
After several weeks of launching, we can confidently say that it’s a success!

MR ARTWORKS is now rolling out its solution to everyone. Say goodbye to messy production!

Need a refresher on what we’re talking about?
MR ARTWORKS is MR’s production studio.
PACKFLOW is an online platform with everything in it, simplifying life by:

  • – keeping all communications together to avoid scattered (and sometimes contradictory) emails,
  • – gathering all doc submissions into one place and making them viewable online,
  • – easily spotting the differences between two docs,
  • launching a round of validation,
  • validating or sharing your comments,
  • – and archiving your docs securely and finding them (“it’s probably this version, right?”).


Vincent Lavadras-Maia, studio director at MR ARTWORKS, tells us more: “No need to install software or download files – everything can be done online. With our pdf reader, you can add notes, see layers, separations, and measure distances and colours. Every user can also adapt PACKFLOW to suit them by, for example, creating tags for files and organising them so they’re easier to find, arranging them according to your own preferences and habits.”

On top of that, in this era of CSR efforts where we’re constantly trying to reduce our environmental impact, we shouldn’t forget that as well as our raw materials, productions, shipping, etc., our email exchanges matter too. Forwarded emails, comments, replies… These things stack up exponentially, clogging up servers and overburdening our carbon footprint along the way.

Here we have one single fileone single place to view it and brainstorm with the team, no email attachmentsno full inboxes, no maxed-out servers.
We’re realising that production is part of our products’ life cycle, and given that the DIAM group is an expert in analysing life cycles, every contributing factor has been identified! And PACKFLOW is the perfect example!

Questions, clarifications, or an interest in trying it out? We’re here to answer!


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