D’ORSAY – The gift of a story

Dear customers, dear partners,

With Christmas around the corner, we want to tell you a wonderful story. The story of MR, one of our favourites.

MR was born from the desire for a new solution. One that was capable of meeting both the desires of creatives and the constraints of manufacturers. It was also born from the wish to combine digital innovation with expertise passed down from the finest traditions.

For more than 10 years we have been lucky enough to support the creativity of both small emerging brands and more established ones. It is a privilege.

In 10 years, MR has evolved and the ‘mock-up’ solution has naturally been joined by the ‘production’ solution, providing opportunities that only digital technology can offer.

To give you an example of the support we’ve provided, we want to tell you about our collaboration with D’ORSAY, a young, niche brand, just over 200-years-old ;-))

D’ORSAY is one of the true French heritage brands.

A gifted and whimsical aesthete, Alfred d’Orsay composed the first couple’s perfume in 1830 to conceal his forbidden love affairs.

The body fragrances, born from a heartbeat, are devised as declarations of love, characteristic of different states of a love story: “J’approchais un mystère”, “Vouloir être ailleurs”.

The home fragrances were designed to convey stolen moments, like an invitation to a rendezvous, each stating a time and meeting place: ‘20:15 Presque prête’, ‘15:00 Entre tes mains’…

A forgotten gem, rediscovered, and put back in the spotlight. The wind back in its sails.

For the past two years, we’ve been supporting the small, multitalented teams as this brand starts a new chapter.

It was the perfect collaboration from the very start.

They needed technical advice regarding feasibility in their search for high-quality paper for the understated packaging. We helped perfect the designs – white, wavy shapes – and recommended choices of craft paper. After a number of trials, GMUND and Fedrigoni’s products were named winners.

Small batch sizes, a large choice of references, the ability to produce on demand, fully responsive, no wasted stock and no restrictions on gang printing. Digital technology offers an unbeatable price/quality ratio for small quantities.

Little by little the collection gains momentum, and we are keeping up with their pace.

Elegance in keeping with today’s fashion…

A restrained design that lets the material do the talking. Minimal inking, and use of those that are OK Compost Certified, FSC paper ® and a ‘green’ manufacturing process carried out in France.

Today, ‘00 :00 Au sommet ’ might be under your Christmas tree, and we’re proud that we helped it get there !

Our sole ambition is to be a partner. To be responsive, adapt to your requirements, your pace, to find solutions and contribute ideas. Our technology offers many advantages and its applications evolve and develop each day, guided by you.

We look forward to writing the rest of our story, with your help.

Until then, we wish you a very happy holiday season.

MR teams

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