Industrial artisan and new technologies expert,
MR FACTORY overturns the traditional packaging production rhythm and offers a transformation of the supply chain.

Digital printout
Traditional finishing
Dedicated industrial site & team
Small series Multi-references Large series in split runs


  • Competitiveness, flexibility and responsiveness
    • Low fixed costs
    • No plate
    • No minimum / maximum quantities
    • Production of the exact quantity, no useless stock
    • Fluidity for changing décor or shades
    • Ideal ally of multi-references, small series and large series in split runs
  • Comparable to the traditional offset printing process
    • Use of liquid inks (covers 97% of the Pantone® colour spectrum)
    • Multi-tone printing (ideal for multi-reference orders)
    • Printouts compatible with all types of cardboard and all types of finishing
    • Complies with the specifications of the agri-food industry
  • Digital printing bonus
    • Unlimited possibility for unit customisation of your packaging
    • Numbered and named printouts, variability or total change of décor…
    • Green by nature: zero plates, zero stock, zero ink wastage, zero cardboard wastage, zero water discharge. MR is certified Imprim’Vert since 2015 and FSC since 2019.



Continuous stream quality

Green printing


THE ONE-WEEK PROJECT : The flexibility of the digital tool, of our digitized systems and of our MR FACTORY team are 100% mobilized as part of the ONE-WEEK PROJECT.
Pushing our responsiveness and flexibility to the extreme while providing you with a guarantee of premium quality.
One week from order to delivery,that’s our commitment.

  • Common ERP / Multiservice
  • Digitized management
  • Optimised sequences for schedules
  • Immediately available raw materials (and all papers available on order)
  • Training of the operational teams for quick machine settings
  • Integrated and responsive quality process


Design office Prototyping and white-cut prototypes
Digital printout
  • 1 HP INDIGO 5500 digital press
  • 1 HP INDIGO 7600 digital press
  • 1 HP INDIGO 12000 HD digital press
  • 1 HP INDIGO 30000 digital press + double group online varnish (UV varnish and acrylic varnish), only configuration of its type in France
  • 7-colour printing (four-colour + orange / green / purple): broader colorimetry spectrum
  • Possible spot colours
Finishes and processing
  • 2 tracing tables for ZUND prototypes
  • 2 paper cutters for formatting before finishing
  • 2 KAMA cutting and gilding machines (cutting / gilding / embossing / pressing)
  • 2 BOBST folding gluing machines
  • 1 SCODIX varnishing machine (selective varnish and 3D)
  • 1 STEINEMAN varnishing machine (solid)
  • 4 portfolio presses (cutting / gilding / embossing / pressing)
  • 2 laminators: matt, glossy, shiny, soft touch


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Bernard Cassière

Essence révélatrice

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