Specialist execution studio for packaging, printing and finishing,
MR ARTWORKS provides you an execution file in line with industry practices.

Quality execution for an irreproachable product

Irreproachable and optimised execution

Interpretation relevance for an optimal manufacturing output

Compliance with the brand's graphic charter

Consistent and controlled adaptation

Credibility throughout the manufacturing chain


MR ARTWORKS can provide you with optimal and responsive support for the production of your primary and secondary packaging needs.

Execution relies on a professional and relevant recommendation pertaining to:

  • Your cutting outline and its forming
  • Your cardboard selection
  • Your printing method
  • The envisaged finishes

Over and above an irreproachable file, MR ARTWORKS is committed
to working with you and to advising you on the interpretation of your creative designs, while adhering to the codes and specification demands of your trademark.

HD PDF file or Adobe©
Vectorized texts
300 dpi HD
Separation overlays of the processing steps
Nomenclature cartouche
Pre-visualization 3D


Our know-how when it comes to printing, our trained eye, our technical expertise and our high level of demand have enabled us to develop specifications for the optimal execution file, that includes the production-related technical constraints:

  • Optimal interpretation of the colour treatment – four-colour, benday or spot colours
  • Anticipation of the forming – creases and radiuses, good use of opening flaps, gluing
  • Recommendation regarding planned finishes according to the print substrate
  • Graphic treatment adapted to the identified processing (lamination, embossing, pressing, hot stamping, varnish, silk screening…)
  • Order for graphic overlays compliant with the recommended process


MR ARTWORKS also offers a complete range of services to accompany and finalise the development of your packaging needs.
  • Alterations
    MR ARTWORKS adapts your elements on request.

    • Cropping
    • Adaptation of the tone for the selected process, optimisation for printing
    • Aesthetic alteration, graphic modifications
  • Adaptations
    In agreement with the brand’s codes and the charter validated with a reference, MR ARTWORKS adapts your packaging with the greatest possible rigour.

    • Multi-references: formats, languages…
    • Multi-ranges: Eau de toilette, Eau de Parfum, Extract, Derivatives, limited editions
  • 3D production
    MR ARTWORKS carries out the forming of your execution file. An indispensable tool for your communication efforts and presentations.

    • Cardboard sleeve or range
    • Situation set-up (shelf, outpost…)
  • Colour printouts
    • Standardised and certified EPSON proofs
    • Colour printouts on your actual cardboard selection

    MR ARTWORKS makes it easier to link up with MR MOCK-UP LAB and/or MR FACTORY for your needs in terms of mock-ups with industrial output, or with MR FACTORY for your packaging production.

Our know-how from the printing

An unparalleled colour proof

Standardised proofing

For a complete mock-up

For optimised production