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About Us

With a focus on the customer need, the digital printing expert, always looking for cutting-edge technologies as well as traditional techniques, MR has revolutionized the world of the Packaging Mock-up by proposing a reliable and accomplished product, industrially doable and reproducible. Search for shades, finishes, décor testing… MR MOCK-UP LAB is accustomed to hyper-responsiveness, based on the level of demand and attention to detail of the major luxury and beauty brands.

With a solution and innovation orientation, MR also provides a new response for orders for small and medium series. The flexibility of the digital process makes for easier multi-reference production, and for unconstrained management of quantities. Today, MR FACTORY has its own production site and dedicated team, with a production capacity of more than 50 million CARDBOARD SLEEVES per year.

In 2018, MR launched its independent execution studio MR ARTWORKS, as a true bridge between creation and pre-press. On the daily basis, it works with brands to ensure their visual consistency, technical interpretation and industrial optimisation.

Our key dates


Creation of MR MOCK-UP LAB. Mock-up and Small Series specialist.


BPI France equity investment. New equipment. Production of Medium Series.


Purchase of BPI shares by the DIAM International group.


Mock-ups and Production activities made autonomous. New FACTORY plant.


A young SME from the Île de France, pioneer in digital printing for packaging, with a passion for the industry and for know-how, MR innovates and adapts in order to offer its “one step ahead”. Each and every day, our teams offer digital agility. Technology means nothing without people

Knowing how to listen, decipher, seek out a solution and combine areas of expertise is our day-to-day challenge.

Everyone at MR shares in this culture of pushing the envelope, supported by continuing training and a contagious start-up spirit.

Our challenges for the future?

Aiming for all-digital and participating in the transformation of the supply chain of major groups.


The DIAM group, international leader in Luxury Cosmetics Points of Sale, acquired an equity interest in MR in 2017.

  • It actively supports us on 4 main levels:
    • Technological investment
    • Internationalisation of the markets
    • Sense of service and customer proximity
    • CSR requirement and deployment
  • More than just a positive investor, DIAM is a partner that shares our values:
    • Its customer culture and sense of service
    • Its great business expertise and vision of complementarity that guide the group’s growth
    • Its attachment to supporting and promoting its employees
    • Its strongly entrepreneurial spirit