High-end digital printing in the service of an irreproachable product.

  • Flexibility and responsiveness of digital offset printing
  • No quantity constraint, nor any minimum or maximum
  • No equipment
  • Compatibility with all décor techniques
  • Management of the graphic chain from the execution document
  • Ideal management of multi-references with the exact quantity
  • Unlimited variability and customisation


It's the positive impact of the digital choice.
Finely adjusted consumption, procurements to the closest unit…


We chose digital offset from HP Indigo, since the system is similar to that of conventional offset printing: indirect printing by liquid ink blankets. This system is also recognised as providing the market’s best quality digital printout.

With only the plates becoming virtual, there is no longer any limit to the evolution of the décor. This is key for increased flexibility and responsiveness that can’t be equalled by traditional offset.

Working with inks for shade setting by spot colour.
We can work using spot colours with the same constraints (and requirements) for the preparation of inks as with a traditional printer, while retaining the flexibility of the graphics.

Multichromatic work for a broader colour spectrum and unparalleled responsiveness.
We can produce shades in benday, up to 7 colours (CMJN + Orange + green + purple). A double benefit when pursuing and setting shades: the spectrum of rendered colours is considerably broader, without preparation time for inks.
Also, these two methods can be combined in order to refine the shade work, if necessary.


The printing quality of the HP Indigo technology is comparable with that of traditional offset thanks to its liquid inks (liquid electrophotography process for the technical terms). The print is perfect as of the first sheet. With its 7 inking systems, it covers 97% of the spectrum of Pantone ® colours.

The acquisition of the HP indigo 30,000 Press (the first in France) has enabled MR to work with large formats and to extend its offer to the spirits market and to handle larger series

“The benefit of the 30,000”

High productivity (up to 4600 colour sheets / hour) Adaptability for significant cardboard thickness (up to 600 µm) and for all types of supports (including metallized or plastic)
Compliance with the food industry specifications Compatibility with all décor techniques such as varnish, embossing, lamination, cutting, folding and gluing.


Numbered and named printouts, made-to-measure décor for the consumer,
customisation means personalizing a décor down to the unit level.
Thanks to digital offset printing, what was previously possible on a label or shrinkwrap is now available on your cardboard sleeves. Digital is made for that, with décor changes being immediate and cost-free.

Today’s consumer is looking for a relationship, customisation and interactivity…
Custom-made and big data are at the heart of marketing initiatives. CRM, QR code, traceability, events, anniversaries, pop-up shops, exclusivity, market adaptation, contests to produce a single unique piece or 30,000 copies, customisation now has no limits.