Industrial artisan and new technologies expert, MR MOCK-UP LAB provides
help your packaging developments, from creation through to industrialization.

Creation Communication Validation Marketing Décor, support and finishing tests Adaptation of formats Production control Marketing meetings Fashion House Dev Pack Purchases Suppliers and manufacturers PR, influencers International seminars Market seminars Fairs: Tax Free, Vine expo… Training Pre-series Presentation Retailers Market registration… Special and limited series

Industrial mock-up

At MR MOCK-UP LAB, our mock-ups are produced under the same conditions as industrial production.
They can therefore be perfectly reproduced using a traditional industrial process. The visual output is the same as it will be for your final production.

Design office

Development of your volumes

MR ARTWORKS execution studio

Optimised files

Digital printout

Four-colour or spot

All finishes

Lamination, varnish, gilding, embossing, pressing…

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Matteglossy, shiny, soft touch or a specific (holographic, etc.) lamination

Varnish with digital application, therefore flexible: - solid or selective with a thickness that can be calibrated up to 3D or Braille effect - glossy, shiny,

Gilding(MAC) all outputs: simple, shaped, micro-structure…

Simple or modelled embossing (3D, diamond points)

Simple or complex stamping (grain and texture)

High-end processing

Cutting, folding, gluing…


  • Micro-series or pre-series mock-ups
  • Cardboard sleeves
  • Boxes
  • Sleeve
  • Plastic covers
  • Labels
  • Blotters
  • Trafic stopper
  • Printouts (blotter stand, leaflets, adhesive binding, brochures…)


  • Unlimited creativity
    • From the computer to the cardboard! With all of your finishes
    • Real situation testing of shades, décor, format adaptations…
    • Possibility of on-site printing approvals so as to carry out all possible tests and explore all possibilities
    • Possible duplicates, from micro-series to pre-series
  • Comparable to the traditional offset printing process
    • Use of liquid inks
    • A 7-colour technology that makes it possible to cover 97% of the Pantone® colour spectrum
    • Printouts compatible with all types of cardboard and all types of finishing
    • Complies with the specifications of agri-food industry
  • Variability and customisation
    • Possibility of adapting small customised series for your packaging
    • Numbered and named printouts, variability or total change of décor…
    • Production of items in limited editions: events, influencers…



Candy Night


Brut Rosé Royal


Brut Royal


Rosé Sauvage