Fabulabox – Building an eco-friendly future

Dear customers, Dear partners,

Back-to-school season is here. Our world has changed, and the focus has shifted to prioritising our children and their future. We are delighted to present a collaboration of ours which is totally in line with the current situation and perfectly illustrates this time of rebuilding: Fabulabox.

When former strategy consultant Alexandra Morge Rochette teamed up with talented designer Carole Dubu, a new and fascinating form of positive education was born. These two young female entrepreneurs have redesigned toys with the help of children, therapists and teachers, from the attic to the basement!

Finally, a toy that can play with other toys.
A toy that’s designed to be eco-friendly through its material, how you can recycle it, and even its life cycle.
A toy for multiple age groups (from 4 to 10 years old).
And most importantly, a toy with multiple ways to play…Construction sets to build fine motor skills. Imagination for creativity. Puzzles, games and maths for concentration.
A welcome departure from typical games, for children to play according to their interests and developmental needs… A spectacular treasure.

But what exactly is it?
Illustrated cubes children can fold and assemble to build houses and buildings while combining different colours and settings, featuring a range of ever-changing new themes and even whole neighbourhoods to colour. More than 127 settings and 16 products are on the market!

What makes it eco-friendly?
With the help of a design studio, the co-founders selected their biomaterials and worked on the entire chain of environmental impact – finding the most natural origins possible, transformation, product durability, life cycle, end-of-life recycling – every aspect was carefully examined.
Concerning manufacturing at MR, the cubes are made of high quality back-to-back Invercote Duo 490g/m² cardboard. MR Factory’s Marie-Pierre Dacqui adds that it’s “one of the thickest grammages that can be digitally printed on, which we usually use to produce small POS displays.” They are printed using compostable ink to preserve the planet, and the printing process complies with the toy industry’s strict standards for our children’s safety… “With the little ones, everything goes straight to the mouth!”

So why choose MR?
We’ll let Alexandra Morge Rochette answer this one.
“First off, it was about the machines. The HP 30000 Indigo is the only digital machine that can produce our formats as the high-quality prints we require. Then there was the human aspect. We visited MR Factory and met the whole team. We really identified with their entrepreneurial spirit. The straightforward communication through each step of the process allowed us to create and make decisions together, easily and with a smile. We share the same values, and that’s important to us. Despite COVID and short deadlines, they were quick to respond, very attentive to our needs and were devoted to helping us succeed.”

And why MR Factory specifically?
First order over 35,000 units, 16 formats, 68 settings and multi-lingual management. In a nutshell, a unique multi-reference production combining small quantities with split runs and multiple calibrations. Agility, speed and precision were a must. It was on the cards ;-))

A huge thank you to Fabulabox for choosing us and for this exhilarating wave of positivity.

Ready to take on the new school year together,

The MR Team

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