Creative press proof

Dear customers, dear partners,

We’ve all experienced endless time trapped in an industrial area on a rainy day, trying to find the best color match, with the operator casting doubtful (if not mocking) glances at our reorientations, and the salesperson barely concealing their panic as they try to get us to approve the project because “time is money” — basically every young marketer’s nightmare.
Let’s wipe it out and start over.

At MR, the proofing goes creative.
Indeed, the goal of mock-ups is reached through an open session of tests and reorientations.
The advantage of digital technology is the instantaneous reactivity from graphic design changes directly to printing… MR Mock-up Lab fully lives up to its name during the live graphic design process.

For half a day at our workshop, located a few blocks away from Paris, we will let you test out your colours, varnishes, glitters, and all their various combinations on different cardboards. If the tooling was ordered ahead of time, we also test the embossing results and pressure forces and as well as different hot stamping foils in order to make sure that the colours and the finishing (matt or glossy) of your design, textures and more.

It’s often a question of balance between various influences. A bit of intensity over here, a bit of sobriety over there. You are the sole judge, the person best qualified to spot what needs to be changed for the best result. Here, you’re in charge: enlarging the text, changing a decoration, trying out different product formats — it’s doable, easy, and useful!

The point is to leave our workshop with multiple options, including the boss’ suggestion you might not agree with (nothing better than a physical copy to illustrate your point), your experiments and your recommendations.
The creative proofing speeds up approval!

The creative proofing is also a way to detect what difficulties will appear during industrial production. You can rely on our advice to prepare your specifications and production costs.
Of course, each manufacturer will add their own flair to match their equipment and preferences, but we’re also here for the after-sales service. If needed, we can send detailed development instructions to your dev pack or supplier. Our goal is reproducibilityspeed, and shortening your time-to-market.

Sound interesting? We’re waiting for you!

The MR Mock-up Lab team

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