Diptyque Christmas, a galaxy of technicality

Dear customers, dear partners,

The year is coming to an end and as the festivities are just around the corner we love to see a sparkle in your eyes. Christmas, eternal Christmas! Every year, we are amazed by your ability to create wonder, tell a new narrative and make it come to life in your products so that the scented universe can continue taking centre stage under the Christmas tree.

Very experienced in this field — with its abundant gifts and constantly reinvented limited editions —, every year Diptyque leaves us with a feeling of awe. The MR Mock-up Lab team is very proud to support the technical genesis of Diptyque Christmas and this year, once again, we haven’t been disappointed!

Diptyque’s star chart comes to life in the entire end-of-year festivity collection. The brand is generous, the wealth of offer doesn’t make concessions on any detail and superimposes technical skills to intensify its effects.

At MR Mock-up Lab, it’s about bringing decorations to life by testing and implementing mock-ups on the fundamental formats: candles!

The story revolves around 3 deep colours: red, green, blue, blending in the darkness of an intense winter night in Delos.
PINE TREE, SPARK, SNOW… Stars and letters (so Diptyque) are both hot marked in gold and silver, which take on at nightfall the luminescence of phosphorescent details… Press proof in the dark? Thank you, Diptyque, for this unprecedented experience!

And this year, for the MR Mock-up Lab team the star on the Christmas tree has been the Advent calendar. A hard case containing 25 turned edge compartments in a variety of formats and decorations. A joyful array of gifts making us look like Christmas elves, on the eve of D-day…

Our warmest thanks go to the Diptyque teams for their renewed trust and their unbridled imagination. We wish you all wonderful end-of-year festivities, may they be magical for all of you.

The MR Team

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