Compliance upgrade and/or redesign of graphic charters: PRODUCTION!

Dear customers, dear partners,

We all know the joys of changes in regulation, official icons, Brexit’s INCIs or the infamous new ‘Triman’, who’s on a mission to make our lives difficult!
In the midst of this chaos, production’s secret agent, MR ARTWORKS, is right at home. Organisation, clarity, precision, responsiveness and technical skill all make up the tool kit they use to get the job done.

The new ‘info-tri’ symbol required on packaging in France since January 1 2022 also coincides with the desire of companies to demonstrate their CSR commitments, certifications, seals of approval etc. For example, the FSC® logo can be increasingly found on the bottom of packaging.

Many grasp this opportunity, choosing the icons that best fit their approach in order to further publicise their values. Going beyond the legal minimum requirement, which seems to be constantly increasing, brands also display QR codes (now fully integrated into everyday life, thanks to Covid) to provide information on the brand, the product or even to develop more creative digital experiences.

It’s not about modifying 1 or 2 documents, but rather carrying out a compliance upgrade for the entire catalogue of products. And that’s where the expertise of MR ARTWORKS comes in.
Some of the major players in the perfume and cosmetics industry have understood this and have gone back over all of their catalogue documents, with some revising hundreds if not thousands of documents.

This also provides the chance for them to ‘clean’ their documents. Who hasn’t gone through the ordeal of working with multiple agencies or several in-house graphic designers only to discover little by little that the bodies of text aren’t always the same, margins have moved and the layout follows the one envisaged by the particular designer that day (for better or for worse). This chaotic jumble ends up working its way into your codes. But reviewing all of your productions isn’t easy Redesigning graphic charters is necessary.

For MR ARTWORKS, this is day-to-day job. Simplifying the process, ensuring your documents are professional, harmonised and clean. MR ARTWORKS works methodically. For some clients, all documents are reviewed, while for others, we provide an example template by format and clear, technical explanatory guidelines for your future documents. For your graphic designers, it simplifies the process and is easier to understand. For your product manager, the days of miscommunication and confusion are over.

Spring has finally arrived, and with it, spring cleaning!
It’s all for the best !

Let us help you dust off your productions.

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