PHANTOM – The birth of an icon

Dear customers, dear partners,

You may have noticed an extraordinary arrival this autumn: Phantom, the new fragrance for men by Paco Rabanne, has all the traits of an icon. It’s an explosive encounter between high-tech panache and eco-responsibility, a pioneer of creativity with the power of light.

The MR Mock-up Lab teams have been on a long journey, and they have finally arrived at their destination. They have been in creative mode for several years, working with the PUIG teams to design, create and hone the concept, and we are still on planet Phantom. Packaging designs and boxes have been tested, and techniques have been challenged to get ahead of the industrial trend.

The results are clear. Echoing the iconic and inimitable bottle, the extraordinary, innovative and high-end box exudes sleek simplicity. The brand’s signature PET metal is presented here in a glossy chrome finish. Embossing and stamping effects are created using a fine-tuned print registration tool. The 2D robot stamp is immediately recognisable and appealing.

Bringing a creation to life is so exhilarating. In addition to the product itself and the launch process, there are all the tools surrounding the fragrance. From blotter strips to posters, including the development of two stunning extra-large boxes: the robot and the ship are sure to be a hit with BCs when the fragrance is revealed.

And don’t forget the contribution by Norline Atelier, which presents its scalable miniature sizes at each launch for the French sales force. A ready-made service is available for teams: efficient customising, a visual and bottle design set into a breathtaking dichroic material.

We’d like to send out a big THANK YOU to the PUIG teams for putting their trust in us and for showing us around their world with no limits, which drives us to go beyond our own.

MR teams

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