Mock-up industrial flocking: a Scandal

Dear customers, dear partners,

We wanted to start the year with a particularly amazing project… One that combined fun, audacity and exceptional technicality!

And who brings us more joy than Jean Paul (Gaultier, ed.) with his daring sophistication? Scandal draws its codes from the core of ultra-femininity and from the most addictive facets of perfumery. Refreshingly irreverent and captivating, Scandal has sparked one outrage after another since 2017 – Scandal By Night, Scandal à Paris, So Scandal and Scandal Gold – before finally dedicating itself to men in 2021.

We’ve been working diligently on the repack of Gaultier’s new iconic line for two years now.

The brand initially wanted to reduce their environmental impact. As such, Scandal changed a ‘flocked can’ format to a cardboard sleeve, gaining 30% in volume and reducing its carbon footprint (storage and transport). But for the teams, this meant the entire industrial process needed to be reviewed. Reducing the perceived value or deviating from the well-established colour codes was out of the question. For MR MOCK-UP LAB, it was definitely a challenge. While it was a technical masterpiece (the first commercial flocked model, no less!), the gilding didn’t hide the many obstacles


We never question straying from our standards, as our models are developed for functionality. The chosen technical approach must be a step forward for our clients and be reproducible on an industrial scale. In this case, we had to find a viable, tailor-made solution that was able to be produced in larger volumes for future operations. The rendering of the flock on cardboard had to be a perfect match with the rendering on metal cans. We tested the colours to find a duplicate that was almost impossible to distinguish…


Additionally, our gilding knowledge was put to the test… Adhering the film to the flock is no small task. It involves the printing, registration, textured rendering, necessary indentation and focussing on type thickness on the document to balance legibility and the desired effect. Expertise is crucial, as the flocking is all-over, all decorative features must be applied during stamping.

To our great delight, MR ARTWORKS was able to accompany this process and develop the technical documents necessary through testing to create all the prints, from templates to stampings. This flexibility is essential to the adaptability of the mock-up and is a significant benefit for the manufacturers who will take over.

A big thank you to the teams at Jean Paul Gaultier for their trust and bravery that drive us to keep pushing the envelope 😉

We wish you all a remarkable new year!

The MR Team

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