Influencer boxes – Ultra-customisation in practice

Dear customers, dear partners,

Chiara Ferragni, Leonie Hanne, Ali Andreea, Anaelle Postollec, Ally, Audrey Kazadi… Do these names ring a bell?
From YouTube tutorials to InstaLives, these new trendsetters are drawing more and more attention from brands and prompting them to rethink their seduction strategies. The notion of consumer experience and storytelling now applies to the discovery experience offered online by these new extremely solicited beauty prescribers. To charm and involve these influencers turned celebrities… the box becomes the most essential tool of beauty media digitisation.

Dedicated or multi-brand contents, customisation, multi-lingual adaptations, complex scriptwriting (products, digital experience, special edition), these boxes are all the rage on social media. For our teams, each box is an extraordinary adventure, which systematically reinvents the concept!

MR arranges an entire chain of know-how to guarantee custom-made products and boost the surprise effect. Welcome to the “Haute Couture” service, “plug and play” style ;-).

Step 1: Designing surprise
MR MOCK-UP LAB scripts the product discovery from a brief, a rough or an idea. Real storytelling in motion, it organises box conception in stages, from receipt to the discovery of each product or included material, via a customised method.

Step 2: Putting it in a box
MR MOCK-UP LAB offers a blank mock-up, taking into account the materials and CSR eco-conception (for instance, the minimum weight of the product), the brand codes, the product packing, the future opening and layout effects. It results in one (or several) cutting shape(s).

Step 3: Expressing your codes
The brand, with or without the support of MR ARTWORKS, prepares all the production documents on the basis of your brief, applies them meticulously to the approved volume and foresees customised adaptations (attributions and/or languages). A creative timesaver for you, a technical guarantee for us!

Step 4: Producing and delivering!
From printing to product packaging in our workshops, including the assembly of different elements (mirrors, magnets, electronic components, etc.), MR strives to make your life easier up to the dispatching of parcels if necessary. In the event of late attributions, relabelling is possible. Flexibility and rigour are non-optional!

At a time when digitisation is accelerating, the entire MR chain is mobilised to create value for your initiatives and allow your markets to stay dynamic.

Proud to assist you beautifully,
The MR Team

PS: Let’s spare a thought for Norline Atelier and its unmatched expertise in custom-made complex sets with very high added value (wood, leather, fabric, etc.)… which are also designed in a blogger box format: think about it 😉

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