Embossing x our new machine: boosted creativity and capacity

Dear customers, dear partners,

When speaking about embossing, we often picture a nice, raised logo.
But it’s much more than that! Highs, lows, holes, bumps, hollows, texture… The world of packaging is a rich and complex one that covers embossing, stamping, and debossing. Creativity is becoming a bit part of our mock-up experiments.

In the era of CSR and reducing our environmental impact, we’re pushing towards embossing. There’s no need to add hot stamping foil for our packaging to be recycled at the end of its lifespan. Beautiful finishes get to stay eco-friendly while improving the material’s added value and adding to its sensory appeal.

Embossing requests are through the roof! And it’s great timing, because MR recently levelled up the MR MOCK-UP LAB’s equipment with a shiny new Titan that will enable us to work on large formats with more power and precision.
Because a nicely-executed embossing covers the entire surface of the sheet, with customized tool and a mix of pressure, balance and adjustments.

Everything is important, especially the choice of the paper. Depending on its stiffness, its composition (wood and/or cellulose), the length of its fibers, etc., every material reacts differently to being shaped. That’s where mock-ups come in handy. We carry out real-life testing with “production-quality” tools on different materials and try out creative ideas.

Everything begins with interpreting a decor in three dimensions.
Starting from an idea, we can space out the hollow areas, change the depth of the relief, add an outline, a curve, or go the opposite direction with a fine, sculpted edge. Little by little, we craft how the brand is expressed by fine-tuning its 3D rendering. That’s what MR MOCK-UP LAB is all about! It’s your creative lab 🙂
And by the time we pin down the perfect brand expression, we’ll also have confirmed its reproducibility. That’s the benefit of doing industrial mock-ups.

The whole tooling approach takes place in real-life conditions, so you can enjoy the benefits of all the fine-tuning you did when you launch your future productions! From the equipment maker to the profiles selected – you’ll know about it all.

Creativity unleashed, crazy technical complexity, maximal sensory impact, minimal environmental impact… Let’s try it out, shall we?

Looking forward for your stamp of approval 🙂

The MR Team

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