Nevacril, the little Portuguese gem

Dear customers, dear partners,

Today, we are pleased to introduce you to one of our packaging “friends”. Birds of a feather flock together… Indeed, we share responsiveness, proximity and loving attention to beautiful packaging.

Since January, NEVACRIL has joined MR, DIAM ASIA THAILAND and NORLINE ATELIER. A family-run company with 50 employees located in Balugães, Portugal, NEVACRIL plays to a different tune on the packaging range.

NEVACRIL is a bit like an extension of NORLINE ATELIER, because it can produce splendid displays and cases in the blink of an eye, and it has the particular ability to manufacture them in larger series, in a smooth and intransigent way.
NEVACRIL also echoes DIAM ASIA THAILAND. Their faithful Swiss clients — jewellers and watchmakers — and top-quality production capacity on a large scale allow them to operate in the same way in Asia as in Europe.

NEVACRIL has succeeded in mastering all the know-how, from displays to jewel and watch cases, as well as very high-end sets for very prestigious spirits…
From wood, MDF, metals, plastic, to leather coating, lacquering, and all the decoration techniques (screen printing or gilding), NEVACRIL excels across the board.

Supported by DIAM, NEVACRIL is now our partner in adapting our responses to your projects and enabling the famous “Back to Europe” whispered in our ears…

At present, the commercial MR and NORLINE ATELIER teams will be referring you to NEVACRIL if your briefs require it. We keep it simple, your favourite interlocutor today will continue to be your main contact in the future.

We’re very excited to open up an array of great opportunities and to stay among friends.

as well as the NEVACRIL teams 😉

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